Microondas Hisense H20MOBP1 Negro 20L

Microondas Hisense H20MOBP1 Negro 20L


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Defrost function Uniform defrosting. In order for food to remain in perfect condition after defrosting, it is important that the process is quick and efficient.

With the defrosting function, the heat reaches the food evenly and simultaneously, without the need to manually reduce the power.

The microwave oven defrosts in short intervals. Custom cooking Choice of power and time. This microwave oven allows you to select multiple power and time options for complete control.

Custom cooking will help you achieve the desired result. Compact size Designed for your kitchen.

This microwave oven has a compact format (20 liters capacity and 44.6 cm wide) and an attractive design.

Save counter space and make it easy to prepare delicious meals for the whole family. Easy cleaning for a perfect clean.

After a tiring day of microwave cooking, you’ll appreciate the ease of use, cleanliness, and safety.

Simply clean the appliance inside and out and enjoy cooking again. Mechanical control Intuitive control.

Manual control is a very simple and intuitive way to operate the microwave oven using the dials.

TECHNICAL SHEET: Basic information: Brand: Hisense

  • Category: Microwave oven
  • Installation type: Free installation
  • Subcategory: Microwave oven
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Microwave power: 700 W
  • Opening mode: Pushbutton Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz
  • Connection cable length: 85 cm
  • Plug type: Euro
  • Color principal: Negro
  • Product weight: 10.2kg
  • Weight per package: 11.

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